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Zaynab Abdulqadir-morris

zaynab (they/she) was raised in inglewood, california, and is currently based in the san francisco bay area. they received a bachelor's of arts in african american studies - with an arts and media concentration - from the university of california, berkeley, in 2019.

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Zubaer Khan

I am a tv and video editor with a wide range of experience, from TV shows and short films to news magazines, social video and advertising. I am beyond grateful to have found success in all of these genres, and love that the diversity of my work contributes to my unique perspective. Still, I find myself being drawn most to stories that center people living in realities similar to my own, but who I may never get to see or meet otherwise. Family means the world to me, and my family and I exist at the cross-section of so many spaces: we are South Asian African American Muslim New Yorkers. We are first generation college grads and second generation Americans. We are small business owners and we are artisans. And, moving forward, I'm choosing to tell more stories that reflect who I am, and who we are, so that, one day, my son can see hear those stories and see himself. While I have over 12 years of experience, including a lot of documentary-style work, I am looking for more documentary experience, as well as mentorship, to help me bridge the gap and start using my talents to help tell the stories that matter most to me.

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Zoe Garcia Miranda

Zoe Garcia Miranda is a Cuban filmmaker who currently divides her time between Havana and Ny. Her work explores themes like identity, migration and belonging and has screened at Sundance International Film Festival, IDFA, Clermont Ferrand among others. She has been supported by Sundance Documentary Fund, Tribeca Documentary Fund, IDFA Bertha Fund, Instituto Internacional de activismo Hannah Arednt. In addition to her career as a documentary filmmaker she has worked as an Editor for TV series, Fashion, Music videos and Documentaries.

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Zhiqiu Jin

Zhiqiu is a LA-based filmmaker/editor. She has edited all types of different projects, including narratives in both short and feature, documentaries, commercials and music videos since 2017. Days of Blind, a short documentary she edited, centering on the daily ups and downs of a group of blind seniors who live in an abandoned community in Wuhan, has been an official selection of the 2019 Los Angles Independent Film Festival. A Korean-Chinese who was born and raised in China, coming from a multicultural background, Zhiqiu is interested in stories of culture, identity and justice. She is also passionated on advocating for communities that are less represented on screen. Zhiqiu earned her MFA in Film Production with an emphasis in editing at Chapman University and her BA in East Asian Studies and Film & Media Studies at University of California Irvine.

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Ziru Wang

When I was little, I was afraid to throw anything I owned. A piece of paper, a mailing box, a notebook that is worn out, or an old cloth, everything. I collected everything in my little iron box and kept them in the right order. Now when I look at all my diaries, notebooks, and drive, I know that little habit when I was young echo with my instinctive passion for collecting, sorting, and then arranging things into a new order: to create a narration, a story, a memory. I want to be an editor, I want to shoot and direct. In the last three years, I transformed from a film student to a journalist and now a documentary filmmaker who believes in life's true power and insists on telling a story visually. Until now, I’ve worked on two feature-length documentaries about to be released and produced my own work A Man Aman. I love Verite, a character-driven story, and I always enjoy talking about the forever dilemma documentary filmmakers will face: the unsettled ethical doubt.

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