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Yi Chen

Yi Chen is an independent filmmaker based in Washington, DC. Her debut feature documentary FIRST VOTE, about Asian American voters in battleground states, is on the list of films eligible for the 93rd Oscars Best Picture and Best Documentary Feature. FIRST VOTE won the Special Jury Award for Art & Craft of Documentary Form at the 2020 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The film was an official selection at the 2020 AFI DOCS, CAAMFest, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Hot Docs Doc Shop, and IDFA Docs for Sale. It was released in virtual cinema at AFI Silver Theatre, Carolina Theatre, and Nightlight Cinema as well as national broadcast on WORLD Channel carried by 171 PBS stations in markets representing 70% of US TV households. The film is distributed by GOOD DOCS for educational institutions and streaming on PBS Documentaries Amazon Prime Video channel. FIRST VOTE received support from the Ford Foundation JustFilms, Open Society Foundations, Center for Asian American Media, ITVS, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Kartemquin Films and Southern Documentary Fund. Prior, Yi taught video editing at George Mason University’s Film and Video Studies program. Since 2008, she has edited short and long form documentaries for National Geographic, United Nations Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, Voice of America, WAMU.org, Investigative Reporting Workshop, and Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. Yi holds an MFA in Film and Media Arts from American University. She is a Soros Equality Fellow and DC Arts and Humanities Fellow. She is a member of the International Documentary Association, Asian American Documentary Network, Brown Girls Doc Mafia, Asian American Journalists Association, Association for Asian American Studies and ARRAY Crew.

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Yatin Parkhani

I'm an LA-based producer/editor working in docu-marketing while developing documentary projects. My recent work is connected to West Africa, Peru, and Nepal. Recently won Gold at the 2022 Anthem Awards (the Webby's social activist wing) for a Nigerian peace-building docu I predited. World cultures, geography and history, travels within and without, and finding the humanity in characters considered beyond the pale intrigue me. Have edited well-received docu features, shorts, and teasers; plus done international docu-marketing. An experienced on and offline editor, with a background in network on-air promos (Disney) and digital content (Nickelodeon, TNT). In the distant past was an international sales agent that sold documentaries across Asia, and understand trailer and teaser needs.

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Yongle Wang

Currently based in China, working as a screenwriter and documentary editor. Received her BA in English from Kalamazoo College, Michigan, and her MFA in Film & TV Production from USC School of Cinematic Arts. Loves character-driven stories and editing verite. Fluent in AVID and Premiere. Her documentary editing credits include: 4-Part series "A Long-Cherished Dream"《柴米油盐之上》 (Tencent China, CCTV, Discovery Asia, Sky Channel... Best Documentary Series at 11th China Academy Awards of Documentary Film); "Episode 7: Dancing in the Square" from documentary-style reality show "Miracles Beside You and Me" 《奇遇·人间角落》(Tencent China) Finding Home: Episode Brandon (DOC NYC, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, OUTFEST, AAIFF, etc.); There Goes the Neighborhood (LA Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, etc.) Some of Us (China Women's Film Festival) Her assistant editing credits include: Singing in the Wilderness 《旷野歌声》(Thessaloniki, DMZ, IFFR, MOMA ND/NF, RIDM, etc.) The Cloud in Her Room《她房间里的云》 (IFFR Tiger Award, MOMA ND/NF, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, etc) Foster (HBO Documentary Films) For a profile of her, please see: https://cinema.usc.edu/news/article.cfm?id=34811

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Yimin Gu

I grew up in Shanghai, studied in Hong Kong, and worked in the U.S.. My passion has always been about cultural communication and women's stories. I believe that cinema is a form of art that can connect our common humanity through celebrating the specific. As a director, I'm familiar with the workflow that goes from production to post-production. As a writer, I understand the amount of story-writing that is required in editing. I am an easy collaborator, a good listener, and always willing to experiment. I have worked an equal amount in fiction and non-fiction, genres including documentaries, travel shows, drama, horror, comedy, music videos and commercials. I am currently based in Shanghai, China with plans to travel to the US soon.

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Yemane Deneke

I'm an assistant editor based in Los Angeles who's passionate about thought provoking documentaries and scripted works that challenge perceptions, bridge empathy gaps and have a strong social impact. Over the past decade, I’ve produced and edited several videos, short documentaries and PSAs that address a wide range of socioeconomic and environmental development issues for nonprofit organizations engaged in raising awareness on complex issues such as migration, human trafficking, climate change, equality and empowerment, in the African continent. This work has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

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Yuxin Zhong

Recent graduate from Chapman University with MFA in film production with an emphasis in editing. I have edited dozens of short films (scripted and non-scripted) and I have worked on several feature films as an assistant editor and an additional editor. In addition to my passion for storytelling, I also enjoy media and project organization and I can help with technical support. So I am down to work as an assistant editor on different projects because I love working and learning with other talented filmmakers. My goal is to edit feature documentary as the lead editor one day. I believe Documentaries are the best and most powerful way to tell stories to change the world.

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Yarie Vazquez

Yarie is a Boricua creator based out of the Canarsee and Lenape peoples' land. With a vast technology background, Yarie has made contributions to both live theatre and television. Currently, you’ll find her behind a computer, working in the documentary post-production field where she collaborates as an Assistant Editor. As co-founder of The Irregulars, an independent media collective, Yarie strives to tell the stories that have yet to be told. Open for gigs starting January 2023

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Yusef Ferguson

I am a filmmaker based out of Santa Clarita, California. A creative at heart with a passion for storytelling, I worked as an editor and camera operator with the Atlanta-based production house Tomorrow Pictures from 2018 to 2021, having the privilege of working with a wide array of clients including The Trust for Public Land, KQED PBS San Francisco, Grace Cathedral, and many more. During this time, I also began working independently with nonprofits and artists in Atlanta's local music scene. I received my BA in Film from Georgia State University in 2020 and currently am a MFA candidate in the Program of Film and Video at the California Institute of the Arts. I have been honored to have work recognized by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Southeast chapter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and The William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art at California Lutheran University.

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Yijun He

Yijun He is an editor based in NYC and has worked in both TV and documentary films. She was the associate editor for the Netflix documentary, Found, and the Netflix doc series, Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes. Previously, she was the additional editor for the Showtime doc series Murder in the Bayou. In addition, she had worked on award-winning films including Hooligan Sparrow and Complicit. Yijun shot, edited, and produced the documentary When You Can’t See The Film, which was officially selected by the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, the United Nations Association Film Festival, and the Starz Denver Film Festival. Yijun was born and raised in China. She speaks fluent Mandarin and English.

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Yeshan Zhang

As a Han Chinese, I grew up in a town where a majority of the population is Muslim in Xinjiang, northwest China. I developed interests in religions and cultures of the ethnic minorities. I always have a strong will to showcase my community through videos and photography beyond the national propaganda in China. I graduated from SVA MFA Photo & Video department in 2021. I worked with a Bangladeshi restaurant in Jersey City for a semester and made a 10-minute documentary that follows the family-owned business. The documentary explores the Bangladeshi community through a distinct cuisine. To build upon my interest in making documentaries, I made a 40-minute documentary film about my parents-in-law’s intercultural relationship. The film explores the concept of cultural differences in marriage and the passage of time in an intimate tone, family dynamic of immigrants in America, and allows me to reflect on my own intercultural marriage. These experiences of making documentaries have shaped my ability to be a detail-oriented storyteller. Currently as an AE, the previous project I worked on is now air on Paramount+ and I just wrapped up a feature doc. I would love to become an editor down the road and do more creative storytelling. As a woman of color, I would love to work on projects that portray underrepresented communities and different cultures. I’m especially interested in topics like human rights, immigration, education, and food. I’m proficient in both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. I’m open to all types of projects and would love to have the chance to learn more about different projects.

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