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Urja Upadhyaya

I am Urja Upadhyaya, a Creative Producer based in New York City, specializing in Film & Television Production through my experiences in the entertainment industry and acquired a double master’s degree in Media Arts and English Literature. During my recent studies, I was awarded the Thesis Excellence Award for the Documentary, The Evil Eccentricity, and the Scholarly Research Paper, The Lustful Tale of Femme Fatale in Cultural India. With my creative experiences in the entertainment industry and a penchant to keep learning, my current focus is to pursue a thriving career in the creative production environment by implementing my diversely acquired skills to the best of my abilities and also grow as an artistic individual. Please visit my Portfolio Website to watch the documentary and read the research paper along with additional creative productions I worked on: www.urjaupadhyaya.myportfolio.com

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