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Rebecca Adorno Dávila

Rebecca Adorno-Dávila is an award winning video editor born and raised in Puerto Rico. As an editor, her strength and passion resides in crafting character-driven stories by means of archival and / or fly on the wall type footage. She is of the belief that not all characters need to be human. You can build a character arc for a building, an animal, an ecosystem - there are so many possibilities. She was an editor on the HBO documentary series The Vow pt1 and on the Emmy-award winning series VICE on HBO. Among others, she edited feature length documentaries “Residente”, which was an official selection at SXSW Film Festival (2017) and “Homeroom”, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival (2021). Adorno attempted to study Electrical Engineering but frustrated by the lack of hands-on experience, she decided to switch mayors and went on to receive a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Puerto Rico (2008) and an MFA in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City (2010). She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Picture Editing for her work on VICE on HBO (2016) and is a recipient of Sundance Film Festival’s 2021 Jonathan Oppenheim Documentary Editing Award for her work on the documentary film Homeroom. She was also a 2022 nominee for Cinema Eye Honors’ Outstanding Achievement in Editing award and for IDA’s Best Editing Award. She works between Puerto Rico, New York or anywhere where there is a good story that needs to be told. Some of her additional interests are: Sound Design, Sound Art, all things science, bio-plastic creation and sculpture.

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Reginald Rice

Reginald J. Rice is an emerging writer, historian, branding analysis, and filmmaker from the South Side of Chicago. Also, he is the president and creative director of FeelSoReel Productions L.L.C. (Functional Engaging Enchanting Legitimate Spontaneous Original Reel). His short films/ documentaries are heavily influenced by life in the city, moral dilemmas, and dismantling invisible walls that divide class and cultures. While growing up in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, Reginald began to see what was aesthetically pleasing about what most people consider undesirable and gritty. This change in perspective laid the foundation for Reginald’s journey into learning about the storytelling art form. Today, Reginald is graduate student of Intellectual History. He is currently working on his first feature documentary : ”Tracing Our Path Through Bronzeville."

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Reena Mangubat

Reena is a Filipino-American editor from Agat, Guam, now based in New York City. As a storyteller, Reena is passionate about decolonization, exploring the historical and global impacts of different cultures, and dissecting identity within culture. As a burgeoning editor, she has most recently worked in archive-heavy historical documentaries. This includes co-editing the feature doc "Twenty Pearls" with Sandra Christie, ACE, and editing the Webby Award-winning documentary short web-series "Black History in 2 Minutes or So". She is a 2020 Karen Schmeer Diversity in the Edit Room mentee and Boston University alum.

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Rheanna Toy

I'm a Canadian (based out of Vancouver and willing to travel) editor who has mainly worked in the corporate video space the last six years. Additionally, I have worked as a co-editor on the educational documentary feature "The Moving Child I", as well as assistant editor on the climate documentary "Fractured Land", and consulting editor on the feature documentary "From Neurons to Nirvana". My interest is in the post department of independent issue-driven documentary. I also have experience in short film, music video, and corporate editing. Skillset: -Adobe Premiere (very experienced) -Davinci Resolve (very experienced)

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Ronja Yu

Ronja Yu is a San Francisco Bay Area based filmmaker, editor and producer with profound experience in television and film production. She has worked on documentary films since 1999, directing numerous films exploring a wide range of social and political subjects. Her films have been selected for Hot Docs, nominated in IDFA in Amsterdam and aired on national televisions in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, New Zealand. Ronja studied at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and received her MFA in Cinema Production from San Francisco State University. Production company Ronja Film was founded in 1999 and has since been creating contemporary stories around the world.

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Ruella Rouf

Ruella Rouf is a documentary assistant editor and rising editor based in Brooklyn, NY. A 2020 Karen Schmeer Fellowship Diversity Mentee, she enjoys working on character-driven vérité films that center on race, immigration, and mental health. Her credits include The First Wave (Nat Geo Documentary Films, 2021), Each and Every Day (MTV Documentary Films, 2021), 30 for 30: Vick (ESPN Films, 2020), and Bei Bei (DOC NYC, Kanopy, 2018). Prior to working in documentaries, she was as a laboratory scientist for several years. Craving to tell non-fiction stories, she abruptly changed career paths and got her start at both PBS and CBS affiliates in St. Louis, Mo. Her work as a digital journalist covering the police shooting of unarmed African American teen Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo. was cited by CNN and The Huffington Post.

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Rabab Haj Yahya

Rabab Haj Yahya - is best known for the award-winning feature documentaries, The Feeling of Being Watched (Tribeca, 2018 | POV, 2019), described as a "real-world conspiracy thriller" (Variety Magazine) for which she won Best Editing Award (Woodstock, 2018) and the Critic’s Choice-nominated Speed Sisters (Hot Docs, 2015 | Netflix), which the NY Times called, "subtly rebellious and defiantly optimistic". Rabab recently edited the feature documentary Apart (HotDocs, 2021). And the feature documentary The Legend of the Underground (Tribeca | HBO 2021). She was also an editor on the Emmy-nominated web-series the Secret Life of Muslims (Peabody Finalist | Vox | USA Today, 2016), and is a Sundance Edit and Story Lab Fellow. Based in New York, Rabab has teamed up with some powerful directors to edit a number of shorts including Absolutely No Spitting (Tribeca, 2019), Love the Sinner (Tribeca 2017), An Act of Worship (Field of Vision), and 62 Days (PBS World Channel, 2017). Rabab has also edited numerous documentaries for the critically-acclaimed TV documentary series Witness as well as for the Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel including Enemies of the South (AlJazeera Doc Channel 2015). In between projects, Rabab has dedicated time helping aspiring editors and filmmakers, through training and consultations, earning her the Palestinian Sulafa Jadallah Award for outstanding contribution to women’s cinema. Rabab speaks English, Arabic, and Hebrew fluently.

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Ryan Shake

I'm an Avid and Premiere Pro Editor living in the Bay Area. As a documentary Editor, my primary goal is to craft a story that evokes emotion and connects an audience with the subject matter in a meaningful and affective way. I find the challenge of documentary work well suited to my skill set, which includes an advanced ability to think about each beat, interaction, and entire scene as one part of a whole. I participate in the writing of the story via editorial choices. My experience as a Post-Production Supervisor uniquely qualifies me to understand the editorial workflow and positions me to communicate well with editorial teams while working as a Lead Editor. I'm most passionate about visually compelling stories with dynamic subjects. I've worked on shows for PBS, Discovery Channel, HBO, and National Geographic. In addition, I've edited short documentaries for the Skoll Foundation and recently finished a short documentary of my own on sustainable fishing. I've also worked on numerous independent films, commercials, and corporate projects. I grew up in Indianapolis and went to school at Ball State University. I've worked and lived all over the United States and for the last 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I'm not working, I'm most likely surfing, fishing, and spending time with my wife and daughters.

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Rebecca Blandón

Born and raised in the Bronx to Nicaraguan parents, Rebecca Blandón graduated from Brown University in 2016 with a Bachelor's in Neuroscience. In 2019, Blandón graduated from the News & Documentary program at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. A 2019-2020 Bronx Documentary Center Film Fellow and a 2021-2022 Jacob Burns Film Fellow, Rebecca is a freelance editor and director based in Astoria. As a jack of all trades, she has worked as an investigative reporter, editor, and associate producer on docs for PBS Frontline, NYT, Financial Times, PBS Newshour, Axios, Firelight Media & Films, and CNN. In her lifetime, Blandón hopes to make what is invisible visible through the practice of compassionate storytelling, accountability journalism, and documentary filmmaking. Her career goal for 2022 is to start directing and editing more. She is also a proud member of Brown Girls Doc Mafia and The Video Consortium! She's a huge ramen head and a musician with a passion for Brazilian classical piano.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Rodrigo Brazão
Rodrigo Brazão

I'm a Brazilian documentary editor living in the US since 2015, first in New York and now based in Los Angeles. I started editing in Rio de Janeiro 15 years ago, and I've been cutting for HBO, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Warner, Sony, Peacock, Smithsonian, Food Network, Youtube Originals, PBS. I've done many documentaries - some heavily based on verité situations, others mainly using interviews, archival footage, or simple expositions of themes through characters. Social issues are one of my main focuses in doc editing. Every challenge is worth it! I'm an active member of the Television Academy (Emmys) and an affiliate member of ACE - American Cinema Editors.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Reshad Bahadori
Reshad Bahadori

I started my editing career over a decade ago, focused primarily on Sports TV. As a PA I quickly realized that in order to maximize the potential of the content I wanted to create, I would need to learn to edit and animate. What I didn’t realize is that I would fall in love with the process. I worked on a couple documentary series known as Backstage Lakers and Backstage Dodgers for Spectrum Sportsnet. I have since expanded to doing commercial, digital and most importantly, documentary work. I’m an editor because I love telling a good story and editing/motion graphics are the tools I use to accomplish that. I am always available for a new project and look forward to growing both as a storyteller and editor.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Roxanna Peykamian
Roxanna Peykamian

Hey! I'm Roxy. I'm an AE based in Los Angeles, but was born and raised in the south. My interest in documentary editing comes from a passion for creativity and a desire to contribute to the development and success of ever-proliferating entertainment—using the digital platform to reach people around the world and engage them in art capable of bridging gaps, fostering understanding, and expanding cultural borders. Growing up in the digital age meant exposure to art and programming that would influence generations to come. My experience as a MENA woman in the south taught me so much about the lack of correct, genuine media covering my culture. I am passionate about creating work for my younger self- a girl who had zero representation in the media, and no way to connect to her homeland. Through film, we can foster previously nonexistent conversations, understanding, and compassion. I have a handful of credits that I'm not currently able to share here, as they are still in post, but I am happy to speak to you about my experience on them while they are unannounced.

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Robert Herrera

Bobby Herrera is an award-winning filmmaker that has directed, produced, edited, and developed work for brands, agencies, and production companies. He shot, produced, directed, and edited the feature-length documentary The Gray Seasons which premiered in festivals in 2011 and earned distribution with All Channel Films and is currently with EPIX and Amazon Prime. His no-budget indie feature narrative, Palacios, premiered in 2017 and was picked up for distribution by Freestyle Digital Media. Herrera executive-produced and directed the doc/reality show, Hangin’ With Los Henrys, which garnered over 35 million views on YouTube. Herrera is a 2020 Sundance Feature Film Fellow, a grant recipient from the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, and an SFFILM Westridge Grant Winner. He is currently working on his next feature narrative and feature documentary with several other projects as the slate as a writer, editor, and director. Herrera was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, and attended Baylor University and Washington University in St. Louis where he studied architecture, art, and literature. He continues to create a wide range of content for commercial, entertainment, and fine art use.

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Raaghav Minocha

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Rahi Hasan
Rahi Hasan

Rahi Hasan (they/them) is a formerly undocumented dancer, documentary filmmaker, cultural organizer, and impact strategist challenging power on all fronts to create space for healing and radical imagination. They immigrated to Queens, New York from Dhaka, Bangladesh before moving to Durham, NC. Rahi is a Firelight Media Impact Producer fellow alumni, co-founder and co-leader of Undocumented Filmmakers Collective and Art Asylum. As the Strategic Advisor for International Initiatives at Dhaka Doc Lab, Rahi is supporting South Asian filmmakers to get access to the tools they need to speak truth to power.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Rubin Daniels
Rubin Daniels

Rubin Daniels is a freelance editor based in Chicago, IL. He holds a B.S. in Communications from the University of North Florida, as well as an M.S. in Cinema Production from DePaul University. Most recently, Rubin was an editor on Philly D.A., a PBS eight-part doc series, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2021. He has also worked with Kartemquin Films as an assistant/associate editor on City So Real, a National Geographic series directed by Steve James. As well as working on Steve James’ series; America to Me, both premiering at Sundance Film Festival. In 2015, he served as assistant editor for Standing on Common Ground: New Orleans Ten Years Later. The short won a 2016 Midwest Emmy.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez is a filmmaker and writer with a flair for post production and dad jokes. An NYU/Tisch Film School graduate, Ricardo has worked on TV shows and films for everyone from Disney, NBC/ Universal, Discovery, to Quibi and Netflix. His documentary feature film The Wall won the Audience award at San Francisco Latino Film Festival, Best Picture at Tulipanes Film Fest and was an official selection at Newport Beach Film Fest and Chicago Latino Film Festival. After the success of The Wall, Ricardo was contracted to create 3 documentary streaming shows for Snoop Dogg's MerryJane brand. His groundbreaking series Journey into Weed explored the science of Cannabis combining Macrophotography and nature documentary. His newest ventures have brought him back to a love of practical FX and fantasy/ horror content. His latest scripted short film, Citadel Scavenger, landed him a job directing a groundbreaking horror/nature pilot for Best Productions/ All3 Media under Kevin Bartel and Myke Clarkson.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Rachel Clara Reed
Rachel Clara Reed

I'm an independent documentarian (cinematographer/editor). As a mixed race queer Asian American, I gravitate towards intimate stories that challenge common narratives around identity, migration, and culture. A member of Brown Girls Doc Mafia and the Video Consortium, I'm currently wrapping up the edit of my first feature doc, What We Carry, an intimate story following an asylum-seeking family from Honduras as they navigate the daily joys and grief of seeking safety and setting up life in a new place, while facing the trauma they left behind. What We Carry has been supported by Film Independent, Jewish Story Partners, Jewish Film Institute, the WIF/Sundance financing initiative and Berkeley Film Foundation. My short film, Somali Night Fever, tells the story of Somalia's golden era of music through the stories of two former bandmates and best friends who lost touch during the country’s civil war. I've worked in Nairobi, Mexico City, and Seattle most substantially, but am available for projects worldwide. As I wrap up What We Carry January 2023, I'm looking forward to connecting with new projects and new collaborators.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Rafael Samanez
Rafael Samanez

I am a former Executive Director of VAMOS Unidos, an organization fighting for the rights of migrants and border justice. I hold a MFA from The City College of New York in film and media production. Won best documentary at Cityvisions 2019. I am available as an editor, director, producer, cinematographer. I am passionate about film and creating work that is impactful and raises consciousness.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Rebeca Centeno
Rebeca Centeno

Rebeca Centeno is an award-winning filmmaker and video journalist with over 10 years of professional experience. Her videos and writing focus on issues of race, gender, the environment and equality. Rebeca's work has been featured in numerous outlets including Democracy Now!, The Washington Post, NowThis, ZORA, and TruthOut. Her film, EARTH SPEAKS, about fracking on tribal lands was featured in various film festivals including The Red Nation Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, and San Pedro International Film Festival and is currently distributed on Kanopy. Since 2017, Rebeca has traveled across the U.S., along the Texas border, and in Mexico filming various social and political movements. Rebeca holds a BFA in Film and Television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and an MFA from the Integrated Media Arts (IMA) Program at Hunter College.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Rajvi Desai
Rajvi Desai

I am a nonbinary filmmaker and editor fresh out of Columbia Journalism School's Documentary program, originally from India and currently based in New York City. I've been a reporter, writer, photojournalist and now filmmaker, working across breaking news, local politics and gender-based stories across New York City and urban India. I'm currently working on several short documentaries at the intersection of my interests, race and gender. I believe at the edit table is where any story comes alive, and I relish the process of marrying compelling verité with narration, and developing narrative arcs. I am the recipient of a seed grant from Columbia University's Brown Institute, with which I am making a short documentary. A recent short film that I edited is also playing at NewFest 2022.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson

Raised in Queens, NY Richard Jackson was an avid cinephile from an early age. Through his creative writing skills he was introduced to the world of journalism by way of an independent hip hop magazine in the mid 90's. These experiences helped form Richard's ability to convey stories. Not knowing anyone in the industry, filmmaking seemed like a far removed dream. Relocating to Florida, time would reveal a pathway reigniting Richard's desire to tell stories through the medium of film. Upon completeing his first documentary in 2012, the bug had completely set in and set Richard on a course to direct 13 films in 10 years. The moniker for his production company, NYCEFLIX is short for, New York City Edge Flix indicating that the lessons he acquired on the rough streets of New York would be the edgy foundation upon which his films are set. Inspired by all cinema, especially classic, Richard's style can be described as a mesh of street with inspired angles and movement along with lingering shots that give the viewer time to absorb the simplicity in a moment. "Some days I think about feature work, and I definitely like to add the aesthetic to my doc work, I just feel that there are so many under represented stories and communities that documentary work fulfills. I'm curious about different subcultures and groups and having experienced life in a lgtbq+ household expanded my vision beyond what was right outside my door. The intersection of generations from what I was born into, to where society has moved to is a bridge that I like to cross in my work."

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Robertsom Merced
Robertsom Merced

Robertsom Merced Agosto is a Puerto Rican filmmaker and web developer. He is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico's Film and Television program, where he co-founded and presided over the institution's Film Society. Robertsom's research on streaming platforms and digital media made him a lecturer on Puerto Rico's first National Conference on Mass Communication and Digital Technologies. After 5 years of working in advertising and marketing as an audiovisual producer he is looking for growth opportunities within the documentary field, working stories of real social impact. Because of his social background growing in Puerto Rico, he has a particular interest on stories focused on Latinx communities impacted by US policies and the intersection between technology and colonialism. // I’ve been working in the advertising field for the past 5 years. I’ve focused a big part of my work on Digital Communications to great success as a director and editor. Apart from my academic preparation (Film, TV & Web) I’ve had extensive experience in podcast production and web development. The other significant side of my preparation is my academic background in documentary filmmaking. I’m always looking for the humanity in whatever project I’m working on. I believe that is the key to creating engaging stories in a clear and effective way. Even for my work in advertising I often lean towards a non-fiction approach by borrowing from actual experiences or casting non-actors. I try to stay closer to real experiences because I find the audience tends to be more receptive; besides, it allows me to do field research on certain subjects, which frankly is often my favorite part of it all.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Roger Lee
Roger Lee

Hi! I am an Editor/AE with 5 years of experience in a wide range of content, most recently an animated drama TV series with Titmouse Animation after several years in branded content/music videos. I'm looking to break into documentary editing to further enrich my body of experience!

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