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Q De Chambres

I am a documentary style editor that loves historical stories. Editing is storytelling to me and I enjoy everything from Black history to present day comedy or politics. I also love listening to true crime podcasts and documentary series. I am also open to everything from fun stories about life to Real Housewives style docu-follow stories. I have worked on the "ABC Bachelor franchise" to BET+ comedy show. Let's work together to craft your story!

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Qinling LI

Qinling Li is an independent director, producer, and editor. Born Chinese in Changsha, Hunan, a city famous for entertainment shows and spicy food, Qinling found her passion for writing and storytelling at the age of 16. She studied and practiced journalism in China, Australia, and the United States, and has produced explainers and documentaries across different platforms. Li's documentaries features perspectives from doomsday preppers, homeschooled teenage athletes, NĂ¼shu practitioner in rural China, transgender sex workers, and African American gun-rights protesters. Her work has appeared on PBS Frontline, Al Jazeera English, Newsweek Media Group, Politico, Atlas Obscura, Reason TV, and among others. Li graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2016. Despite her Master's in data journalism, she unequivocally has more talent in filming scenes than writing codes. Her self-taught motion graphics skill brought her back to Columbia as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in 2018 . Li co-founded Dec8 Productions in 2020.

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