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Nandita Ahmed

Nandita Ahmed (http://www.nanditaahmed.com/) is an artist and a filmmaker. After graduating from Wellesley College, she started her career in various TV stations, including WGBH Boston and DoorDarshan India and then in commercial production at Fly Communications, a boutique-sized ad agency in New York City. At Fly, Nandita worked on high-profile accounts such as http://Amazon.com, New York Jets, the French Culinary Institute, and various Condé Nast Publications. Nandita is the founder and creative director Brand Bean LLC (http://www.brandbean.com/), a design and production outfit. Nandita’s work focuses largely on equality and women’s issues. The first documentary feature that Nandita worked on, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAR3SXSme6c is an in-depth subject driven feature length documentary focusing on a Bangladeshi all-female Formed Police Unit on a UN peacekeeping mission with MINUSTAH in Haiti. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAR3SXSme6c). Nandita has also worked extensively with various development agencies, including the United Nations, UNICEF, Women’s World Banking and Acumen. Last year, for International Women’s Day 2019, Nandita produced a video https://twitter.com/glamourmag/status/1104025675525246977 with dozens of women speaking over 25 languages from all around the globe, which was featured on the Glamour Magazine social network (https://twitter.com/glamourmag/status/1104025675525246977). Nandita was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established her career in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in Brussels, Belgium.

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Nadeen Alwan

My name is Nadeen Alwan, I'm a filmmaker focused in documentary and editing, and a Columbia College Chicago alumni. I have edited all types of different projects such as plays, experimental pieces, music videos, narrative films, documentaries, and a series of commercials for Fox In A Box escape room. I've also been featured in two different festivals at Columbia, including Manifest and the Take 1 Film Fest. Additionally, I was head programmer of DocYourWorld, a documentary film festival hosted by the school, and a student engineer at our Television Studios. I recently work on a short portrait documentary called "House of Ubae" as colorist. Currently, I work as a technical operations specialist at Stadium, as well as a freelance editor/videographer for On The REAL Film.

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Nicole Amyx

Nicole is a Mexican-American Documentary Filmmaker and Editor. She was born and raised in the San Francisco, Bay Area in a Mexican-American household and developed a love for filmmaking from an early age. In 2016 she graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A in Cinema; emphasis on Documentary and Editing. She then went on to work on the documentary series Waking Dream, a series about people living in the U.S with DACA. In the spring of 2020, Nicole graduated from Leeds Beckett University, in the U.K where she received her M.A in Documentary Filmmaking. Her Master's film Finding Her Stride- a film about female long distance runners began its run on the festival circuit in October 2020. Nicole has a deep passion for making documentaries about women in sports and women’s equality, as well as a variety of social issues. Nicole is currently working as a Freelance Assistant Editor at Citizen Film and at Frankly Speaking Films, a2documentary production companies in San Francisco. She is also working as an assistant editor on various productions in the Bay Area, while continuing her independent freelance work for her small business Nicole Amyx Film. Nicole hopes to continue her work and would eventually like to become a documentary editor, as well as direct more of her own documentaries. Nicole has also lived in Mexico, Spain and England and this has helped her learn about different cultures and ways of life-something she hopes to incorporate into her future films.

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Nina Vallado

Hello! My name is Nina Vallado, and I am a documentary filmmaker. I have a BFA in Documentary Film from Andrews University. I strive to tell stories that evoke empathy and connection from my audiences. I believe that storytelling is the world’s greatest tool for change. ​ I am based in SW Washington and freelancing as video editor. In 2022, I wrapped post-production as an assistant editor on two feature films - "Little Bone Lodge" (2023) and "It's What's Inside" (TBA). I am currently directing my next personal narrative documentary titled, "Wives' Tales". I'm interested in the commercial side of post-production, and would love to continue to edit short and feature films. ​ When I'm not editing, writing, filming and working, you can find me bingeing British crime dramas or searching for tasty treats at a local bakery.

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Noely Mendoza

I'm an editor originally from Santa Barbara, California. I enjoy working on various documentary forms and love the intellectually grueling process of editing. I became an editor because of my empathetic nature that informs my visual storytelling style. I hope to continue working on meaningful projects that aim to impact and inspire.

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Nicholas Capezzera

Nick Capezzera is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and Korean adoptee. His last film, Universe, followed Miles Davis’ protege, famed trumpeter Wallace Roney. It won the 2020 IDA award for best music documentary of the year. Nick worked with the New York Times to create a seven-part VR series, called Life on Mars. It chronicled scientists in Hawaii on their mission to simulate conditions on the red planet. He has worked with Google, Refinery 29, and CNN’s Great Big Story and his work can be seen in films featured through Netflix, Amazon, and PBS. For his next film, Nick is developing a first person family memoir about his experience as a Korean adoptee.

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Naz Knudsen

I am a storyteller and an editor. I know the techniques; I teach editing because I know how to do it right and have done it for a while. I can take a film from good to moving—one with a lasting impact.

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Noreen Quadir

I'm a filmmaker, actress, video editor, and writer. I received my MA in Media Studies at The New School, where I studied documentary production and video editing. I am skilled in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. I've edited projects for social media and corporate videos. I have co-written, co-produced, and edited a short film titled "The Test" that was recognized at the New Faces New Voices Film Festival (2020) and the Midnight Film Festival (2021). As a social justice activist, I love projects that have strong social messages and have an impact on the community. Social issues that I care about include animal welfare, conservation, environmentalism, health equity, racial and gender equity, human rights, and LGBTQIA+ visibility and inclusion.

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Nicole Teeny

I'm queer Arab-American editor, spanning over 15 years in documentary, docu-series, commercials, and branded content, ranging from features to 30/60/90 second spots. My features and shorts have been on Netflix, Sundance Channel Global, NowThis, HuffPost, soon-to-be VICE, and more. It also has also played in nationwide theaters at locations like Alamo Drafthouse, on the film festival circuit, and won awards like the Slamdance Grand Jury Award. I've worked on a range of topics like Black Lives Matter, an All-girl Hasidic Rock band, a Queer Mosque, A rural commune, the Chicago housing crisis, Competitive evangelical Bible Memorizing, Healthcare, a ton of short Editorial and Political content, Sports, and many other topics. Other details about me: - Expert in Premiere Pro - Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign - Familiar with After Effects, Avid - Fast, quick turnarounds - Reliable remote work setup - NYU graduate in Film/TV and Screenwriting - Adaptable, responsive, collaborative Let's work together!

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Nash Consing

I am a Brooklyn-based Filipino American documentary filmmaker from the US South. I love working on self-reflective stories about the immigrant and diasporic experience and have worked on stories spanning from Hmong Americans, the Lumbee Nation in North Carolina and the Garifuna community in Belize. I have experience working in short documentaries as well as video journalism pieces, as a producer/editor, cinematographer and writer. I currently work for ABC FiveThirtyEight as a video producer assistant where I produce an ongoing vox-pop style series based on data and public polling as well as editing the weekly politics podcast and assisting on shoots and edits for explainer short documentaries.

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Nazgol Kashani

Nazgol Kashani is an Iranian-American filmmaker born in Tehran in 1986. She studied Cultural Policy in Paris and London and later worked as an art and cultural journalist for BBC World service. She obtained her MFA in Filmmaking at Ohio University in 2019. Since then she has worked as a director and editor on a number of documentaries and short fictions as well as TV broadcasting. Her films have been shown at a number of festivals including Vision du Reel, Dresden Filmfest and AIFVF. You can catch her film May She Rest In Peace on arte.tv

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Natalia Solorzano

Based in San José, Costa Rica. Audiovisual producer. Specialized in telling stories and helping others to tell them. Involved in audiovisual and film projects through editing, directing, scriptwriting and coordination. Extensive experience in documentary construction. Open to travel and new experiences!

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Nancy Chidi

Hi. I'm Nancy a 23 y/o Actor, Model, and Documentarian. I utilize video editing as a means to support myself and have 8 years of video editing experience as both an editor and assistant editor. In the last 2 years, I began editing documentary work and would like to find more work under this lens as an assistant editor. Recently, I completed work as an editor for a docu-series for Candice's Sickle Cell Fund (CSCF) and work closely with Pallete Group on editing and assistant editing work. I enjoy the process of truly telling a story through editing. Looking forward to meeting you all! Some work to preview: https://nancychidi.com/dossier

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