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Alma Herrera - Pazmiño

Alma Herrera-Pazmiño is a film editor and creative raised in San Francisco, CA based out of NYC. She recently edited “Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues” for Imagine Documentaries and Apple TV. Her credits as an assistant editor include: Barbara Kopple’s Emmy nominated documentary Desert One which premiered at TIFF 2019. She has worked as an assistant editor for PBS News hour, Telling Pictures, Frontline Media, Zocalo Media, Multitude Films, Story Syndicate and MegTV. Alma has been a fellow in the Sundance art of the Edit Fellowship (2021-2022) and the Karen Schmeer Diversity in the Edit Room Fellowship (2020-2021) where she has worked on her short films along with her mentors. Alma’s pedagogy is rooted in her upbringing in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA where she worked as a housing rights organizer and youth development arts administrator. Her love for story is driven by capturing the rituals that rise at the intersection of grief and joy. Celebrating the resilience of the human experience. When she is not editing feature documentaries she is DJing for her community or documenting cultural events such as her short form series called Tacofornia Love. Rhythm and blending flavors are at the center of her working aesthetic. Currently, Alma is editing a feature untitled documentary about the clown prince of hip-hop, the late Biz Markie for Mass Appeal.

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Anne Yao

Anne Yao is a film editor interested in how humans hide and seek. Anne was inspired to work in film after watching the films of Abbas Kiarostami, Wong Kar Wai, and John Cassavetes. She has been on a journey to discover the soul of each film every step of the way alongside kindred spirits. Anne is a 2020 Sundance Institute Art of Editing fellow and a 2019 Diversity in the Edit Room mentee in the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship. She recently edited the Hulu docuseries "Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields" (2023) and webisodes for the Webby award-winning series “Black History in Two Minutes (Or So)” and was the associate editor on “Valiant” (2019), “This is Personal” (2019), and “Dead Pigs” (2018). Anne has extensive experience as an assistant editor on feature length documentaries and television docuseries including “After Sherman” (2022), “A Secret Love” (2020), HBO’s “The Case Against Adnan Syed” (2019) and “Fahrenheit 11/9” (2018).

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Andreina Velazquez

Hello, I’m Andreina. I’m a Video Editor based in Austin, Texas. I work on commercials and docs and my favorite subjects are: pop culture, art, design, fashion, family, and Latin America. My first job in video production was in 2016 as an assistant to the Executive Producer of a boutique production company in NYC. At the production office I found myself developing close relationships with editors as I curiously stepped in and out of their edit bays. After a few months of observing editors at work and learning how videos are made, I realized that editing was “my thing” and that editors were “my people”. I expressed this epiphany to the Executive Producer who then promoted me to in-house Assistant Editor and I’ve been learning and growing as an editor ever since. To-date I have edited digital and broadcast projects for: HBO Max, The National Gallery of Art in DC, History Channel, Oxygen, Investigation Discovery, HLN, IBM, Weather.com, Mastercard, Chick-Fil-A, Fujifilm, Cigna, Lysol, Ebay and more. Video editing is a fusion of everything I love: pictures, sound, emotion and mood. I am endlessly fascinated by the way all of these elements plus a great team can work together to tell a compelling story. Please email me at andreinavedits@gmail.com if you would like to work together some day :)

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Andrès Arias

Andrès is an independent filmmaker based in New York City, working as an editor and in post-production of documentary films. He fell for editing the way one is struck by love, by surprise and passionately. He believes in what Godard said about editing “Si mettre en scène est un regard, monter est un battement de coeur.”. Andrès discovered his passion for filmmaking while designing a stage set for Federíco García Lorca’s play “Buster Keaton’s Stroll”. In his research he found “duende” and became by cinema’s language and power. He then pursued a career in cinema. In addition to his own work, he has worked in films such as Sundance award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentary feature Cartel Land (2015); Brimstone & Glory! (2016) ; The Great Hack (2019); The Trade Season 2 on Showtime (2020); and the HBO 5 part series Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered (2020). He also has edited content for PBS, BRIC TV and The New York Times. Andrès holds a Master of Fine Arts in Social Documentary from the School of Visual Arts. His thesis film was screened at the Workers Unite New York Film Festival in 2013. Prior to that Andrès was working as a journalist in Puerto Rico, writing for magazines, local newspapers and online content. He was born surrounded by volcanoes in the mountains of Quito, Ecuador. In his free time, Andrès likes to read about aesthetics, anthropology, poetry, languages, and culture. He also loves to play the Ronroco, a South American Lute.

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Asif Burnett

I know I have on a scarf( indoors) in my profile picture, but don't hold that against me. It was cold in that restaurant, and it was needed. Scarf aside, I'm a great editor. Story, along with finding the microscopic nuances that bring a story together is my strong suit. Minute details enable large emotional swells as well as comic relief. In my experience having a great sense of balance helps the narrative evolve and conclude in satisfying manner for the audience. I’m also great with music and finding the score that helps the pace and soundscape of the story.

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Ashina Hamilton

Ashina is passionate about storytelling, representation, creativity, and the art of practice. Having freelanced as a videographer and editor for 8 years, Ashina looks forward to building their skill set and sensitivity around filming and editing. While they are interested in the entire range of emotion and experience that life brings, currently Ashina is fascinated with concepts like joy, love, family, and resilience, and how people of color, LGBTQIA, and women experience these themes.

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Andrea Cruz

Andrea Cruz is a Los Angeles and New York based documentary editor. She has been telling stories of the underrepresented for over 8 years. She edited the pilot episode for the series, Rearview Mirror, supported by Tribeca Film Institute 2017 New Media Fund. In 2016 she assisted on the feature film, The Strange Ones. She has shot and edited over 100 short films for StyleLikeU’s What’s Underneath Project. In April 2018, she was selected as a mentee for the Karen Schmeer Diversity in the Edit Room Program. Andrea was selected as a participant of DCTV’s Documentary Work-In-Progress Lab with facilitator Yance Ford in 2018. She was selected as a fellow for the the Gotham Documentary Feature Lab (formerly the IFP Documentary Lab), in 2019 and as a Gotham Episodic Lab Fellow in 2020 for the series, Miracle Lake.

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Alice Shin

ALICE IL SHIN is a Korean filmmaker who received her formal film training at Nihon University, Japan. Since then, she has been working in Japan, Korea, the USA, and Canada as an editor, director and producer. She now resides in Canada since 2017.

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Angela How

Angela How is a WOC / Asian filmmaker based in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia, and an alumna of the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television (MFA Directing). She makes both fiction and non-fiction films, and has had her work play in many festivals, including the Stockholm International Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Short Shorts Asia, and at the United Nations. She grew up partly in Singapore and Australia, and has lived and worked in many countries, including the U.S. (Los Angeles specifically). Angela was invited to the Berlinale Talent Project Market, Writer’s Lab at the Binger Institute and IFP NYC with her feature project, 'Confessions of a Super Man'. Her debut film 'Rock Sugar' was recently released in North America. Angela also edits short and long form content, and both fiction and non-fiction. Her editing work includes the MySpace dramedy pilot series THE CONSERVATORY (Dir. Abe Sylvia), AACTA-nominated fiction series GIRL, INTERPRETED, and the ABC (Australia) TV / Web non-fiction series, CAN YOU HEAR ME? and BELONGINGS. She has cut documentaries, dramas, comedies, horror and psychological thrillers, and is versatile in her editing style. Angela especially enjoys editing verite and cinematic documentaries that center on compelling characters, and crafting stories about communities less represented on our screens. She hopes to collaborate with like-minded filmmakers, who are also kind, inclusive, and compassionate.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Andre Martins
Andre Martins

Growing in a creative hub like Lisbon shaped my passion for film. I began my career by directing a short-cut about my late grandmother, that 12 minute film gave me the way to express myself and use this powerful medium to bring stories alive. After finishing film school I ventured into the advertising world where I had the chance to work with renowned brands, agencies and TV-Networks. Looking for a new adventure I moved to the southern side of the world. In Mozambique I had the chance to go back to my roots of storytelling and was able to capture authentic stories, from the strong women in the local markets to young female scientists working in conservation of one of the most biodiverse parks in the world, Gorongosa National Park. Today, in Washington D.C. I am using the same tools I learned in my first film, by creatively helping several political candidates, campaigns, NGOs and TV-Networks and sharing the powerful untold stories that can change the world.

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Armando Croda

New York-based Mexican filmmaker Armando Croda is a producer, director, cinematographer and editor of the documentary I’M LEAVING NOW (2018 / Cinema Guild), Special Selection HotDocs, Winner of Jury Award at DocsMX and Special Jury Mention at Morelia International Film Festival, director, cinematographer and editor of the documentary FIRMES, MEXICANS IN THE BRONX (2013 / Nat Geo Latino), co-director and editor of VICTORIO (2008 / Netflix), Winner of the Best First Film Award at the Guanajuato Film Festival. As an editor he’s worked in the Sundance NEXT Audience Award Winner THE INFILTRATORS (2019 / Oscilloscope) by Alex Rivera and Cristina Ibarra, with Stephen Wilkes JAY MYSELF (2018 / Oscilloscope), John Hoffman and Nanfu Wang OUT OF MANY, ONE (2018 / Netflix) and Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt’s HAVANA MOTOR CLUB (2015 / Samuel Goldwyn) among others.

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Alicher Adill

I'm a filmmaker, motion designer based in Washington DC. I've been active in the progressive politics and non-profit world for the past several years. I have great experience editing many different genres of content including documentaries, digital ads, music videos and so on. Past clients I've worked with include Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign, Gates Foundation, NARAL, DC Jazz Festival, Enough Project and many more.

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Alejandro Valdes-Rochin

As an editor and producer with extensive experience in post-production and familiarity with the cutting rooms of both studio and independent films, Alejandro is uniquely qualified to collaborate in the creation of powerful visual media. Working in the non-fiction space has allowed him to use his storytelling and editing skills to tackle challenging subjects while crafting stories that are both intimate and visually captivating. Projects that Alejandro has collaborated on have collectively garnered an Emmy, a duPont-Columbia Award and an Edward R. Murrow Award and various other prizes. Two of his latest projects have received numerous audience awards at film festivals. In 2018 “Science Fair”, won the Festival Favorite award both at the Sundance and SXSW and in 2019 “Maxima” won the same prize at Hot Docs as well as an Honorable Mention from Slamdance 2020. More recently, "Five Years North" was named a finalist for the 2021 duPont-Columbia Awards. Alejandro’s work has been shown theatrically and on outlets such as NatGeo, Netflix, Amazon, Fusion, PBS, AlJazeera America and Vice’s Motherboard. It has also been programmed at Sundance, SXSW, Hot Docs, IDFA and Tribeca film festivals. He has also collaborated in the creation of TV specials, BTS featurettes and webisodes for fiction films distributed by Warner Brothers.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Ash Goh
Ash Goh

Ash Goh Hua (any pronouns) is a director and editor from Singapore, based in New York. They create documentary and experimental based work informed by the politics of abolition and autonomy. By challenging and exposing dominant ideologies in their storytelling, often through intentional usage of archives and anachronistic formats, Ash's films show different imaginations to demonstrate the possibility of liberated futures. Ash has been supported by programs and fellowships by Sundance, ITVS, Jacob Burns Creative Culture and NYFA. Their films have screened and won awards at film festivals internationally, and have been distributed by PBS and Third World Newsreel.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez

Alexis Lopez is an editor based in Chicago with more than 5 years of experience. His debut short documentary 'Kwizera' about a Rwandan man with HIV was screened in various film festivals across the country and internationally - winning Best Picture at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival and Best Cinematography at the Georgia Documentary Film Festival in 2019. Since then he has collaborated with CICA (Collaborative Institute of Cultural Arts), a Chicago based non-profit creative art program, in capturing their annual performances and has edited multiple live stream concerts for the Latin School of Chicago and the Song Salad Podcast. He has also worked on multiple music videos from local Latino Indie bands Los Gold Fires, The Mini Projects and Gabacho. Currently, Alexis works with Pachanga TV and Ajua Media in directing and editing short documentary style commercials for Latino artists and businesses in the Chicagoland area. With a passion for storytelling and realizing the director's vision, he is interested in sharing stories that encapsulate the Latinx experience through music, fiction, and documentary filmmaking.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Angela Reginato
Angela Reginato

I am an editor and filmmaker living on Ohlone land in Oakland, California. My work ranges from American Masters style documentaries, to vérité, to essay films. I’ve also worked on segments for The Center for Investigative Reporting and Frontline. I believe that my degree in Architecture has uniquely prepared me to play with time, light, and space in film. Also, having worked as a producer and directed my own experimental films, enables me to understand the collaborative process between director, producer, and the footage. I love working on films that shed light and give voice to situations and people who may not be seen otherwise. As an editor I challenge myself to find lyricism in a moment or scene. My filmography includes documentaries funded by Latino Public Broadcasting such as “Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey,” by Raymond Telles (PBS American Masters) and “Beyond La Bamba,” by Marco Villalobos, and experimental essay films such as Dolissa Medina’s “Cartography of Ashes” for the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and Anne McGuire’s “Oh Hi Anne” a short film celebrating George Kuchar. My own film “Polvo” received a Creative Capital grant, premiering at Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2012, winning first prize at VideoEx International Experimental Film & Video Festival (Zurich) and screening at MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight. I am currently wrapping up post-production on “A Thousand Pines” directed by Noam Osband and Sebastián Díaz. I’m looking for a new project to sink my teeth into!

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Abhi Indrekar
Abhi Indrekar

I am an independent documentary filmmaker and editor raised in the traditions of street theatre and community-based art in India. I was first trained under some of India’s most respected and daring socio-political filmmakers including Dakxin Chhara and Anand Patwardhan, as an assistant editor working on documentary and fiction films, as well as video reportage. I have been working in documentary films for more than 8 years doing cinematography and editing. I am very proficient in editing on Adobe Premiere pro as well as AVID Media Composer.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Anais Blondet
Anais Blondet

Anais Blondet Medina is a Peruvian artist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. She is an editor/director with exceptional story producing, scoring, and sound design skills. She has 10 years of experience editing branded content, commercials, music videos, documentary series, and experimental films. She always gives priority to creatively challenging projects that will allow her to put all of her skills to good use. Anais studied Communications at the Universidad Católica del Perú before obtaining her BFA in Film Directing from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Her thesis film, NOW THEY KNOW ABOUT MY MADNESS premiered at the 2009 Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival in Germany. After SVA, Anais attended the Sorbonne University's Masters program for Film Research in Paris. She then moved to Lyon and spent four years creating experimental art at the legendary Lyonnais underground art collective, Grrrnd Zero. Anais returned to New York in 2012 and began working as a freelance director and editor. Her work has been featured on Netflix, CNN, MTV, OWN, Travel Channel, Canal+, Great Big Story, Buzzfeed, Spotify, Facebook Watch, at the American Museum of Natural History, and The Smithsonian Museum. Anais is currently developing her first feature film, TENEBRIS VULNUS. In 2019, she won the Film Lab prize at FEST - New Directors New Films Pitching Forum in Portugal, she was named a 2019 NALIP Latino Media Market fellow, and she was a recipient of the inaugural Sundance Launch Grant Fund. She was a 2020 Sundance Institute/Women in Film Financing & Strategy Intensive fellow.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Amy Chih-Hsin Lee
Amy Chih-Hsin Lee

Amy Chih-Hsin Lee is a video editor and a documentary filmmaker. The first feature-length documentary she edited, "Late life - the Chien-Ming Wang story", was a Golden Horse Best Documentary nominee that follows the latter years of former Yankees pitcher, Wang’s professional baseball career. It is currently showing on Netflix and other platforms. Amy excels at creatively analyzing footage to better structure stories in a logical and emotional way. She was born and raised in Taiwan and currently lives in New York City. Having split her life between Asia and the US, she is interested in the cultural differences between the East and the West, and is particularly drawn to those types of stories. Though mainly working as an editor, Amy also produces and directs. Her clients range from production houses, independent filmmakers, ad agencies, to larger institutions like The New York Times, Discovery, Food Network, Condé Nast and MTV.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Anisha Acharya
Anisha Acharya

Anisha Acharya is a film editor based in Los Angeles. Raised in Bangalore, India, she moved to LA to study editing at the American Film Institute, where her thesis film Day One was nominated for an Academy Award. Her editing credits include feature documentaries Through The Banks Of The Red Cedar (PBS, BTN), Purdah (Cinequest 2018) and The Good, The Bad, The Hungry (ESPN 30|30, Tribeca 2019) as an Additional Editor. Her narrative editing credits include Neptune Frost (Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2021), A Thousand Junkies (Tribeca 2017) and Sundowners (Sundance 2019).

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Angelica Arellano
Angelica Arellano

Angelica is an upbeat, quick-thinking Assistant Editor who is passionate about genre-blending narratives and stories of social justice. She has experience in a wide range of content, including unscripted television, commercials, and documentary. Most recently, Angelica has worked as Assistant Editor on a limited documentary series for Apple TV+, to be released in early 2022. Prior to that, Angelica was an Assistant Editor at MasterClass, where she was awarded MasterClass Employee of the Month for her attention to detail, time management, and problem-solving abilities. She is experienced in Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere among other post production programs.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Ashwin Gandbhir
Ashwin Gandbhir

NYC doc editor, always looking for new folks to work with.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Amber Love
Amber Love

Amber Love is a filmmaker, documentary editor, and festival programmer based in Chicago, IL. Her films have premiered at the Camden International Film Festival, played Indie Memphis and the Milwaukee Film Festival, and have been supported by the Tribeca Film Institute and Union Docs. In 2019 she was selected as a NeXt Doc fellow for her work as an emerging filmmaker, and in 2020 she was selected as a fellow for the Sundance Institute’s inaugural Art of Editing Fellowship. As an editor, Amber has worked on a number of feature-length films including REPRESENT and UNAPOLOGETIC, and recently wrapped work on a 3-part docu-series for PBS.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Alisa Selman
Alisa Selman

I am an editor with a diverse background in documentary, weekly news and branded content. I work well under tight deadlines and am seasoned in technical management, team leadership and editing for both film and news.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Ana Perez
Ana Perez

Art has always been a part of my life and by the age of fifteen I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. I started my professional career as an Art Historian which later I combined with a degree in Film Production. My theoretical training in the arts as well as my hands-on film education have provided me an artistic and technical fusion for my work. A year after my graduation from Art History in 2005 I moved to South Florida where I studied Film Production and graduated in 2010. While in South Florida I began filming a group of gender benders who created an independent organization called Drag it Out, based in Ft. Lauderdale. This organization explored gender and self-expression through a series of free workshops in the art of Drag Queen and King. Ten years later I am taking on again the project to tell the story of former members, coaches and draglins (workshop students), to explore where the LGBTQ+ community is at today and to take a deep look at where we are, as humanity, in gender related themes and issues. In between those ten years I moved back to Mexico City where I worked for 4 years at a post-production company as chief editor. From 2016 and on I have being collaborating in several projects as Assistant Editor, Junior Editor, Senior Editor and Colorist as well for Netflix, Amazon and HBO. Documentaries, docuseries for web, commercials, music videos, feature and short films and series are the kind of productions I have been working on for the past 6 years. Currently I am the lead editor for a documentary series called Héroes verdes, project in post-production phase.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Ana Maldonado
Ana Maldonado

Aspiring documentarian, current freelance in film editing. Film student at City College pursuing a minor in Journalism. Self driven by telling real stories and the importance of storytelling. Fast learner, organized, creative and autodidact. Wrote, produced and edited most of her personal projects. The last one being done during the pandemic.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Aeris Thuy Khanh Nguyen
Aeris Thuy Khanh Nguyen

Aeris Thuy Khanh Nguyen is a Saigon-raised, NYC-based filmmaker and editor. Throughout Aeris’s life, content and art are what drive her. Like a sponge, she craves and consumes content on a daily basis, curious for a disgusting amount of information about arts, culture, technology, politics, anthropology – anything. After graduating from Brooklyn College in December 2019, Aeris started her film career as a freelance video editor. Previously, she had volunteered for smaller, community-based organizations, like AIESEC, and The Peahce Project. Aeris has a varied body of work, ranging from corporate videos, to short films, to virtual plays. Aeris loves to tell stories, and to help others with theirs. She is passionate, detail-oriented, and friendly. In her freetime, Aeris writes, paints, plays video games, watches Youtube videos (for research), and hangs out with her forever partner and their cat. Check out her art on Instagram: @keriearts.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Anand Mahalingam
Anand Mahalingam

My name is Anand Mahalingam. I've been a video editor of short-form material for almost 10 years and I'm dying to get into the long-form space. I've edited mainly for social media channels in the past with lengths ranging from 15 seconds all the way up to 22 minutes. Like I mentioned before, I'd like to get into a more long-form, "serious" space. My documentary experience is small, but I have co-produced and co-edited a documentary short series at one of my jobs appropriately titled "Dance Docs", where we highlighted various dancers in the Los Angeles area in short 60 second pieces (which we later lengthened to ~two minutes for YouTube). I'm just happy to be here and connect with other like-minded people, but I'd really enjoy working on a feature-length doc at some point soon!

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Ann Bennett
Ann Bennett

Ann Bennett is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, multimedia producer, and teaching artist who has devoted her career to telling diverse stories through film, television, interactive projects, museum installations, and live events. She produced the NAACP Image Award–winning documentary Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People, as well as the multiplatform community engagement initiative “Digital Diaspora Family Reunion.”' Bennett’s film credits include Citizen King and Fisk Jubilee Singers for the PBS series American Experience, Hymn for Alvin Ailey for Dance in America, and the award-winning PBS miniseries Africans in America. Bennett holds a master’s degree from the Columbia Journalism School and graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. She has won several fellowships, including a Logan Nonfiction Fellowship, an Impact Partners Documentary Producers Fellowship, and Laundromat Project Create Change Fellowship. Bennett’s multiplatform projects explore the nexus of history, culture, and technology within multicultural communities.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Amilcar Cariño Charlemagne
Amilcar Cariño Charlemagne

Amílcar Cariño Charlemagne is a video editor based in New York City. He has extensive experience working with a wide range of clients, including Vice Media, Rada Studios, Amnesty International, PBS, and MTV. Throughout his career, Amílcar has demonstrated a keen ability to create visually stunning and engaging content. He began his career working on the Emmy-award winning show, Vice on HBO, and went on to serve as the global video editor for Afropunk. Additionally, he has edited a one-hour special for Great Performances (PBS), which spotlighted the impact of closures and challenges on the performing arts industry due to COVID-19. He also worked on the Vice TV series Fanatics: The Deep End, which explores compelling characters on a journey to the outer extremes of their particular fascinations. Currently, Amílcar is working on ROOTED, a feature documentary produced by Seedlight Pictures and directed by Bridget Besaw. The film follows the story of Germaine Jenkins, a rising star activist and urban farmer in Charleston, South Carolina, and her five-year quest to gain ownership of her farm. Amílcar holds a BA in Film from the University of Sacred Heart (PR) and an MFA in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement (NYC).

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips

After several years working as a freelance cameraman, I’ve gained directing, interviewing and leadership skills. My digital production experience includes producing, shooting, directing, post supervising and editing which gives me the opportunity for teamwork, collaboration and to work independently. I pay attention to detail, meet deadlines and believe communication is key to excellent client relations, brand strategy and content marketing. I consume a healthy dose of social media to generate content for social media outlets, detect emerging video trends to stay current. Adobe Creative Cloud is my top tool for producing video and client services. I consistently attend media events to establish and maintain contacts with media professionals. I edit in Premiere, and incorporate Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Alexa Vallejo
Alexa Vallejo

Hello my name is Alexa. I am a multicultural video editor, storyteller and mixed-media artist. I’ve worked in post production for 10 years within the realms of television, documentary, commercial, and scripted. I have experience across General and Spanish markets and enjoy discovering innovative ways of forging traditional and digital art forms.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Adiana Rivera
Adiana Rivera

Adiana Rivera is a Puerto Rican Documentarian and editor based in The Bronx, NY. She's worked on personal films which have been profile pieces highlighting individuals in her borough. Most recently, she has participated in the first all-woman Bronx Documentary Films Fellowship 20-21 Cohort.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Andrea Acosta
Andrea Acosta

Recent NYU News and Documentary Graduate, recently produced and edited my thesis. Looking for opportunities to work as an assistant editor!

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Alan Domínguez
Alan Domínguez

A national and cultural border crosser all of my life, I have been working in cinema for the past 20 years. Films that I have directed and edited have been distributed and shown in festivals in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. I have tackled subjects such as wrongful incarceration, immigration issues, education, LGBTQ issues, sports, hate crimes, the arts, and environmental racism in all areas of the American West and Southwest including rural, urban and borderland settings -- all told from the inside out. I have edited short pieces for the Beyond Graduation series for World Channel as well as the second season of "In the Making" for American Masters and Firelight Media. I was recently featured on the "Beyond Resilience" series for Firelight Media, as well. With the Southwest USA as my gravitational point, I am in a unique position to help elevate voices of many geographies, cultures, and backgrounds that often struggle to be heard in cinema.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Amargit Pinzón
Amargit Pinzón

Graduada en la Escuela Internacional de Cine y Telelvisión ( EICTV) Habana Cuba. Especialidad en edición ( montajista). Cursó diplomados en producción, guion, edición, desarrollos sostenible, periodismo ambiental, emprendimiento, gestión cultural en Japón, Venezuela y en su país natal, Panamá. Trabajó como directora, guionista y editora para instituciones gubernamentales produciendo documentales socioambientales y educativos. Freelance en Televisora Canal 2 (TVN-2), desempeñándose en varios roles, guionista y productora de dos miniseries históricas y un docuficción, Asesora de guiones para SERTV, Canal 11. Asesora, e investigadora de contenidos para proyectos de Emotion Televisión Ad and Films, como también para proyecto documental de TELESUR (Venezuela). Actualmente forma parte del grupo PaverteMedia, donde produce, edita y realiza documentales, reportajes y contenido digital, webmaster, además de desarrollo de proyectos independiente que han participado en festivales y muestras Internacionales, como el documental Atalaya, El Zapatero, Los Caminos de la Vida, y, los cortometrajes, El Puesto, Conexión, Mundo Real y La Hora.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Alan Capriles
Alan Capriles

Multi-Faceted. Experienced. Alan Caprile's editorial work encompasses short and long form documentary, advertising, music video and narrative form. storytelling is an extension of his true self.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Andres Santamaria
Andres Santamaria

I am a Creator and Editor with 25+ years of experience including Emmy & Sundance nominated documentaries and films. I love editing regardless the scope of the project, I really enjoy the challenges of finding the right editing path for any given story. Skilled in featured films, documentaries, commercials, and corporate multimedia projects.

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BIPOC DOC Profile image of Aristides Pinedo-Burns
Aristides Pinedo-Burns

I am an award winning Latinx Avid & Premiere editor who has extensive experience editing and crafting polish pieces under strict deadlines. My editing background includes various documentaries (PBS, Intervention indepths, True Life), reality (Unidentified,Made, Lizard Lick Towing), and primetime shows for broadcast networks (20/20 and various ABC series). Recently I have been editing multiple series for the A&E group, which includes pieces for History, A&E, Lifetime and a series they sold to Discovery. Before becoming an editor I was a producer for long form docs and series for ABC, MSNBC, A&E, MTV, VH1 and many other networks. I am bilingual in Spanish and English. My Editing Portfolio: https://vimeo.com/album/1800037 password: edit

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Antoinette Placides

Hi! We are a Podcast Production and Management company. Our purpose is to amplify - not in a capitalistic way but in a liberating way! This is not just business for us, this is an avenue of our movement. Our contribution to fighting racism, capitalism, and all non-binary notions. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our craft and the unwavering client relations support we give our clients. We are not here just to earn money, we are looking to co-create and collaborate. We want to know about you, your show, your movement, and how you contribute to fighting for social justice, and we will be honored to support you in bringing your cause forward. Jireh and Antoinette is a husband and wife tag team behind Unapologetic Amplified. With their 3 kids and an imaginary dog, they packed their clothes and dreams in a suitcase and set their hearts to immigrate to the east side of Paris dreaming of building their dream life and working with dream clients. Et voíla, here we are! Their expertise and experience of a decade of online business management, customer service, and technical knowledge working with Fortune 500 companies and partnering with multi 7-figure online businesses are what they bring to Unapologetic Amplified. Attention to detail, creative laser-sharp hearing, and business strategy are the main attributes they sprinkle into every podcast they manage. They not only make your podcasting easier, but they also make sure it is in alignment with your business goals!

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Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Ashima Yadava believes in art as a means to social activism and reform. With the camera as her conduit, her work is rooted in documentary practice with a keen focus on issues of gender equality, race, and social justice. Ashima works in print, digital and analog methods including large format. She is a Director’s Fellow from the International Center of Photography, New York and Alexia Foundation Grant finalist.

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Añes Ollivier

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Abhinav Tyagi

Abhinav is a Film Editor based out of India. He's worked on documentaries that inspire conversation around politics and journalism, the ethics of music and the perils of blind faith with an impressive clientele of Memesys Culture Labs, RedBull India and Discovery South Asia. His work has been instrumental in forwarding a dialogue that inspires a positive change, engaging audiences in a deeper connection with the world around them. Interested in projects that capture our evolving identities and relationships focusing on the surreptitious struggle of the human condition, he loves to work on cinema that has universal themes and a grand scale while engaging with larger than life characters. A keen interest in street photography and sports, exploring cultures, cuisines and their stories have informed his worldview. A passionate writer, he nurtures a healthy curiosity in literature. Abhinav believes editing comes naturally to him and he's always found himself being drawn to its techniques and nuances learning and relearning how to feel a cut. He's available to work from September this year.

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Angela Duque

My knowledge as a Film editor can be translated and useful for other types of content for social media, weddings, youtube, and content creators. You can find my portfolio as Film Editor in the reel attached: Sink Away, Strawberry Shake, Odie, Todas as ondas have been some of the several short films where I have had the opportunity to be part. I have worked for several tv series and feature films which have had a huge impact in the Colombian industry such as The Embrace of the Serpent (2015), Wild District, the first NETFLIX original series, and Crime Diaries: Colmenares, also launched in NETFLIX. I have also worked for other feature films such as El Piedra (2019), Pepe Cáceres (no date), and I have been part of documentaries work teams such as El Valle Sin Sombras directed by Ruben Mendoza and When the Guns Go Silent, directed by Natalia Orozco. Additionally, I have significant experience editing corporate videos. I studied Audiovisual Communications at Sabana University, and I went to the National film school to study Film Editing and Experimental Narratives. I have also studied screenwriting and film directing to strengthen my narrative skills. I am here to help directors to led their stories to become great projects. I meanly work in Avid media composer, Final cut, Premiere Pro and After effects.

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Anne Alvergue

Anne Alvergue is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor in the greater New York area. Her editing credits include "Love, Gilda" , "Body Parts", "The Business of Birth Control", and "Bully. Coward.Victim: The Story of Roy Cohn", nominated for Outstanding Editing by Cinema Eye Honors. Her short films have screened at film festivals and galleries worldwide, including most recently The Martha Mitchell Effect, which screened at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and is now on Netflix.

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Atiya Almagro

Hello! I am a recent college graduate from DePaul University, having studied Film and Television, concentrating in video editing. I have experience working on a variety of video projects, which range from corporate/advertising content to fiction narrative short films. I am currently breaking into the market as a freelance video editor and video colorist. I am looking to expand my intake of projects to include documentaries as I am interested in working on meaningful/impactful projects while also diversifying my editing knowledge/experience overall. I am located in Chicago and absolutely love cinema and post production.

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Alyssa Bai

Hi! I'm a recent graduate of DePaul University, where I received my B.F.A. in Film and Television, with a concentration in Documentary. My career goal is to connect as many people of different cultures and backgrounds as possible through film and show that there are truly, far more things we have in common than those that divide us. I aim to push for more representation in film and media, with a focus on the topics of diversity and mental health. Films that I love being a part of include those of social change, cultural representation, and biography. Feel free to contact me for a resume or inquiries. Thank you!

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Asako Ushio

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to the United States to study Cinema at San Francisco State University where I fell in love with chopping up film footage. Within the chaos of 50+ hours of footage I find emotion to tell compelling stories. I'm interested in editing a documentary/documentary series with a full of heart. I will be available in December 2022 onward.

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Ares Marx

Ares Marx (he/they) currently works as a Post-Production Assistant with editor Vivien Hillgrove on her upcoming documentary. Ares had their film Afterparty selected for the Sonoma County Student Film Festival this past spring. Ares is a recent Sonoma State graduate with a BA in Communications and Media Studies and a Minor in Film Studies.

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Andrea Patiño Contreras

I am a bilingual video journalist and editor from Bogotá, Colombia, currently based in Boston. I produce visual content individually and as part of large teams and is involved in all aspects of visual production: from the research stages to the most intricate details of editing and post-production. I have edited a number of short shorts for newsrooms, and recently edited my first feature film, #IamVanessaGuillen. I love the editing process and would love to continue to explore that route.

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Alex Ivany

Alex Ivany is an editor with a diverse profile of credits, including feature films, documentaries, episodic television, commercials, music videos, and short films. Ivany's approach to storytelling is that each project is unique and nuanced, and requires a sensitive understanding of how to tell the story. Ivany has collaborated with acclaimed director Ava DuVernay on a number of projects, and continues to seek out opportunities for growth and connection.

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Adrian Randall

I'm a Honduran-American filmmaker and editor based in Los Angeles. I started documentary work with a lot of community-based and social justice-oriented films, especially around prison abolition, housing rights, and immigration. My first Assistant Editor work was with the documentary Since I Been Down, which centers around education activism within prisons and has won a number of festival awards. Recently, my own experimental feature doc, A Human Year Is Seven Earth Years, won first place at the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento in Buenos Aires. I really believe in documentary as a tool for social change--some of my favorites are: The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On, Who Killed Vincent Chin, The Thin Blue Line, and From the Other Side (Chantal Akerman). Poets like Etel Adnan and Frank Stanford are influences as well. I've learned a lot from working as a commercial editor, but I'm most passionate about exploring human stories that can help us cultivate empathy for ourselves, others, and our planet. Don't be a stranger!

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Alvin Seenauth

When I was a young teenager, I filmed short corny skits with my cousins on my family's point and shoot Canon camera and edited them on Windows Movie Maker (these videos could definitely serve as embarrassing blackmail today). I never realized at that initial time that I wanted this hobby to grow into a lasting career. During my high school years, I joined Downtown Community Television Center’s impactful youth media program. Through collaborative and individual work, I gained tactical and emotional filmmaking skills, particularly in documentary, that molded me for my college career. While at School of Visual Arts, I edited numerous short narrative films. It was until I entered my senior year of college that I realized I wanted to return to the form of filmmaking that I felt close to – documentary. I yearned for my thesis film to be something personal; similar to those corny skits I did as a teenager, I wanted my family to be involved. What unfolded was an emotional piece about my dad, his brothers, and my grandmother reflecting on the death of my grandfather, who sadly took his life a few months after I was born. Seeing the reaction this film had on my family and the Guyanese diaspora (the film screened at a Guyanese film festival) made me want to continue this journey of documentary. Throughout my path thus far, editing has always been my favorite part of the filmmaking process. I adore the idea of possibly shifting a story in a variety of ways through my fingertips. Currently, I am a video editor at NBC and have edited numerous short form doc features and food series/segments. I am also seeking my Master’s Degree at Hunter College under the Integrated Media Arts program with several documentary courses under my belt.

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Alfonso Rodriguez

Alfonso M. Rodriguez is a NY / CT based filmmaker, editor, and assistant editor. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (Film and Video) and is proficient in Avid, Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve. Alfonso has worked in unscripted television for 7 years, both as an editor and assistant editor. His editor credits include History Channel's Forged in Fire and Dirty Old Cars. His assistant work spans many shows that have aired on Netflix, A&E, VH1, Discovery, BET, Nat Geo and Bravo. In addition to his professional work, Alfonso also writes, produces, directs, and edits other content including short films, music videos, and social media videos. His personal film work has been accepted at over 30 film festivals and has been broadcast on PBS's Channel THIRTEEN and BronxNet. He is also an award recipient of the Bronx Council On The Arts' 2021 'Bronx Recognizes Its Own' (BRIO) grant in Film Animation.

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Ally Southwood-Smith

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